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Welcome to the future of cannabis

At Arise, we harness next generation technology and the power of innovation to grow uniquely incredible cannabis flower.

Our cultivators tailor growing conditions down to the level of individual plants

The result: each plant, flower and bud grows to be the best possible version of itself.

Whether you're interested in relaxation, creativity or enhancing health and wellness, get to know Arise. We're building a future where your cannabis experience is as individual and exceptional as you.


  • Green Crack

  • Sour Power

  • Summer Breeze

  • OG Dream

  • LSD

Unique Genetics

We cultivate strains and phenotypes with unique genetic and cannabinoid profiles and distinct effects.

Advanced Farming

Our farming approach provides unprecedented control over every element: air, water, light & nourishment.

Consistent Experience

Sophisticated growing techniques ensure unrivaled reliability, so your experience from a given strain will be consistent.

Environmental Stewardship

We employ technology to grow cannabis with less energy and water than has ever been possible.


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