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Welcome to the future of cannabis

At Arise, we harness next generation technology and the power of innovation to grow uniquely incredible cannabis flower.

Our cultivators tailor growing conditions down to the level of individual plants

The result: each plant, flower and bud grows to be the best possible version of itself.

Whether you're interested in relaxation, creativity or enhancing health and wellness, get to know Arise. We're building a future where your cannabis experience is as individual and exceptional as you.


  • Bruce Banner

  • Cherry Chem

  • Citrus Sap

  • Cookies And Glue

  • Dutch Treat

  • Lemon Meringue

  • Magic Melon

  • Mimosa

  • White Widow

Unique Genetics

We cultivate strains and phenotypes with unique genetic and cannabinoid profiles and distinct effects.

Advanced Farming

Our farming approach provides unprecedented control over every element: air, water, light & nourishment.

Consistent Experience

Sophisticated growing techniques ensure unrivaled reliability, so your experience from a given strain will be consistent.

Environmental Stewardship

We employ technology to grow cannabis with less energy and water than has ever been possible.

Science + Art

Creativity is the animating passion behind Arise. For us, it means working with purpose and intent to create someting new unique and beautiful. We support, value and take inspiration incredible artists. We find common cause in our shared vision of growing forward and using creativity to get more powerful results.- both personally and professionally. Cannabis is our craft, and we draw inspiration from and celebrate other artists pursuing their creativity.

Art, Inspired by Arise:

  • Oliver Dair: We love working with designers to create art around the Arise aesthetic. For this poster, we asked artist Oliver Dair to create a piece for us, leveraging his experience in Oregon to create a street-art inspired design with just a hint of supernatural flair.

  • Baathi: To commemorate the launch of our first line of streetwear, we commissioned Bathi to create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt design. We asked him to keep it colorful, geometric and organic. The result was a psychedelic, technicolor collage, grounded in nature.

  • Jimmy Pease: Jimmy is our favorite photographer. We’ve worked with him since the beginning of the Arise journey. We love the way his photos capture the life and culture of the farm - and his macro shots of Arise flower gets us dreaming those trichrome dreams.

  • Heartless: We knew we wanted to work with Heartless the second we saw his portfolio. His work is organic, geometric and lively. For this commission, we asked him to create an Arise piece inspired by nature.

  • ELM: Italian designer ELM--aka Everybody Loves Max; aka Max--creates hand-drawn illustrations with just a light dose of vintage flair. We knew we wanted to work with him to design a series of strain labels. The Pacific Frost label was one of our favorites!


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